25th February 2015

Walking out of the city – starting in Aarhus city centre we followed the Å out of town untill we were no longer surrounded by buildings. Walking a section through the city

2015-02-25 12.3BW5.5WEB1

C J Lim workshop – final presentation

24th February 2015

Crochet – a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature

The botanical garden is viewed as a part of a place placed in a new, foreign context. Taking inspiration from Narnia, entering an unexpected world through the wardrobes, each door and threshold takes the visitor into a new climatic environment.

In this project two typically opposing phenomena have been brought together to form a symbiotic relationship, where the servers give heat to the botanical garden and the botanical gardens provides protection for the servers.

The servers are located within the thick, impenetrable walls of the existing silos. Nature forms a protective layer around this as botanical wardrobes. A large green blanket covers the area.

IMG_8075 IMG_8078 2015-02-18 19.37.19 D:20150202 Sem 8 Botanical garden-Studio Building Design1 Tegn D:20150202 Sem 8 Botanical garden-Studio Building Design1 Tegn D:20150202 Sem 8 Botanical garden-Studio Building Design1 Tegn 2015-02-24 02.34.03 2015-02-24 02.34.11

C J Lim – pinup III

19th February 2015

Finding the symbiotic relationship between technology and nature; the servers gives heat to the botanical gardens, while the botanical gardens protect the servers.

2015-02-17 10.19.44 2015-02-19 11.33.44

20150213 tech vs nature hierarchy.indd

technology shrinks, nature grows


Moat as means of protection


if built and nature are left, nature will take over

C J Lim workshop

10th February 2015

To kickstart our projects we worked with C J Lim for two weeks. Through conversation and presentation I developed the concept for my project.

First pinup – 24hr into the workshop

fascination – programme – operation

servers and the story of narnia

2015-02-10 18.33.45A1 collage


study trip

5th February 2015

The first study trip went to Copenhagen where we visited Glyptoteket, the botanical gardens and kongernes lapidarium. The following weekend I went to Lund, Sweden, and visited their botanical garden and also the museum of sketches.

glyptoteket 3 glyptoteket glyptoteket 2 CPH 2 CPH 3CPH frog CPH lund z Lund 1 lund 2 lund 4