Hyttå finalized

So ready to relax in this space. To be able to look back at the one hundred hours spent with my father building the wobbly wall, heated debates with my mother about the interior and learning with the amazing builders.

An encouraging team behind my first realized piece of architecture.


6th September 2017

a Kranselag celebrates the main frame being up and is a gathering of everyone involved in the build thus far; the builders, plumbers and admin.

After the celebration we had a quick look at some ceiling details.

First day on site

12th July 2017

Finally we start work on the site. Rented a small hytte literally on the sea – around the corner from the site and start work on the foundations. In a day my Dad and I set up and pour the annex foundation part 1

Hyttå – a new norwegian vernacular

A built structure should speak the language of its surroundings, while expressing its age. It should play on the notion of the familiar, while allowing for the curiosity of the innovative. The structure should embrace vernacular values, while expressing a current disposition.

Vernacular  [vəˈnakjʊlə] a category of architecture based on local needs, construction materials and reflecting local traditions.

Hytte is a place of moments, connected to memories. Sited in nature; in the mountains or by the sea. Each cabin has its own dialogue with its surroundings, its own traditions and history. My thesis explores how to accommodate the facilities of today’s lifestyle, while retaining the values of the hytte typology. In an ever globalizing world, there is an emerging trend moving towards the local, avoiding gentrification and homogenization. This project bases its point of departure from the vernacular.

felt model

9th May 2016

2016-05-08 10.27.49 BW

translating my mapping into a 3D model 835 individually cut sectional pieces of felt are assembled to form the landscape of the site

the 3D rain-generated lines form the basis for the mapping. Colour coded to instruct how the sections are put together.