playful matters

a playground made from products and waste from the local industryPlayful Matters - Vandalorum_Kjersti Monsen 774

location Värnamo, Sweden
area 100 m2
date 2014
client Vandalorum Museum of Modern Art
design team Helen & Hard; Reinhard Kropf, Siv Helene Stangeland, Ane Dahl, Covadonga Toro and Kjersti Monsen

20140623 Unik lekplats på Vandalorum - Nyhet.jpg

This installation was a part of Vandalorum museum of modern arts exhibition “Century of the Child; Nordic design for children from 1900 till today” based on MoMA’s earlier exhibition. It was open May – September 2014 and had more than 30.000 visitors.

Värnamos industry is rich in knowledge and technologican innovation, however this is not shared with the general population. Playful matters playground taps in to this resource and makes it visible. Focusing on waste and products from the local industry, the design team found alternative means of using these items in a playground. It was a loos parts playground where children could manipulate and build parts of the playground themselves.

I worked on this project from commencement to completion. First, I researched, designed and sourced the robot, before being on site to coordinate the final two weeks of the build. Here I used my organisational skills to activate the builders building the main structure and volunteers to build the loos parts. I also participated in meetings with the museum curators, builders and engineers. During this time I learned a lot about construction, detailing and coordinating.

Playful Matters - Vandalorum_Kjersti Monsen 783 Playful Matters - Vandalorum_Kjersti Monsen 367