SuMo – Subtly Modern

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SuMo means Subtly Modern. Our building is located within a conservation site and does not wish to impose on the rooted uniformity of the area. Therefore this regularity will not be broken by our building, but will be enhanced in our design. However, the interior will accommodate for a modern client. After a long day of work, the residents will be met by a low-stress apartment. A central control panel controls everything from heating, lighting, to the projector. A cleaner will come in twice a week and pick up any dry-cleaning. An exclusive Bistro is located on the ground floor. The varied menu will cater for the clients if they do not wish to make their own food. Anyone is welcome to come and dine with magnificent views of the park. Each apartment floor will room two apartments with these views. The main living space will face the views, while the bedrooms are located in the east, gaining benefit from the morning sun. SuMo is re-intruducing housing to this area and will do so in a new, warmer material, timber. Untreated timber greys in time and becomes similar to granite grey. This will help it become a part of its surroundings. Complimented by fine dining and exquisite vistas – this is SuMo. Subtly Modern.

1 location plan 1 parti 7 elevation west 12 conceptual model3 design development 4 analytical drawings 9 plan ground floor 10 plans 13 model plan 5 section 15 bath 11 model interior 14 block model2 skyline

I worked with Heather Macleod and Kieran Dick Doyle on this project