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Our third year, first semester project has been based in Aberdeen, working with the University’s obsolete sports pavilion; the only 1940 modern building in the area. Page/Park’s masterplan for Aberdeen university proposes for it to become an art gallery to house the Aberdeen University 500 year old Collection. This building would become an integral part of the proposed ‘art walk’ running from university road into the university campus. Changing the purpose of the building to an art gallery presents two challenges; integrating gallery services within the existing building and transforming the buildings function without wiping its history.

Some rooms are specially designed for the university’s collection; lightwells are introduced in the southern rooms to provide a backdrop for the permanent exhibition of the university’s collection of negative plates. The changing exhibition spaces are left neutral to house any art. The pool will be present in the changing exhibition space providing a 1m deep pit for viewing sculptures and other art. This has been a meeting place for 70 years and will continue to function as this with art as the new backdrop. By re-opening the gate from King Street to the campus one can create a new entrance to the university where the Kings Pavilion is the first building you will meet, opening the front of the building and creating a park of the obsolete playing fields.


rossi sketch VERnisage room  main changing room lightboxes