3D printed wall

all incompassing 3D printed permanent formwork

3D print wall

location Melbourne, Australia
area 1100 x 850 x 300 mm
date 2015
client RMIT
design team Elisa Perez Mosos, Alicia Fernandez, Huhan Dai and Kjersti Monsen

This prototype of a 3D printed wall explores the opportunity of 3D printed architectural elements. With the current development of parametric design has lead to a need for digital fabrication. This is often a wasteful process, where much time and resources is put into making complex formwork that is discarded after the process. The RMIT elective “sacrificial formwork” lead by Roland Snooks and Cam Newnham explored the opportunity of printing permanent formwork. 3D printing allows for mass customization and with the formwork being permanent there is no waste. It’s a logical placement of resources as the thin shell is made from the expensive plastic, while filled with cheap bulk material such as water, concrete, air.

The design of the wall incorporates channels accommodating for every aspect of todays walls; structure, insulation, transparency (windows), ventilation, services, acoustic tuning and ornament.

3D wall detail 3D wall defail 3D 2 test