vacuum panels – sail as membrane?

12th December 2014

When thinking about what materials to use as a membrane I came across this – regatta sail sheet. This is made of a laminate with mylar (clear film) with strands of kevlar and carbonfibre within – a very expensive material when new, but with a short lifespan in terms of use in sailing. This project could potentially breathe new life into old unwanted sails.

Kevlar-Carbon-Sail_web sail_web  IMAG0331_web IMAG0338_web

In search for old sails I visited the local marina shop and sail maker (pictured above)

sail in windowBW_web sail in window

Prototypes showing daylight coming through the sail

sectional model in the making

11th December 2014

To further explore and gather my project I decided to make a sectional model with all the layers of the structure. When building I was trying to be as true to the construction as possible. The ramps are fastened to the structure on one side, while the other side is hung with spectra (rope that is stronger than steel cables)

sewing ramp desk elevation int view_web ramp view int north

ramp sketches

10th December 2014

ramp sketch-9 ramp sketch-3 ramp sketch-1 ramp sketch-4 ramp sketch-5 ramp sketch-6 ramp sketch-7 ramp sketch-8 ramp sketch-2

Sketching the different options for the ramps, using a system developed by the constraints of headheight and existing modularity. These sketches aim to develop social landing situations where the landings for going up and down are located in the same area in order to create an informal social space.