dryfutures competition entry

24th  August 2015

Skywater by Kjersti Monsen Skywater by Kjersti Monsen2 Skywater by Kjersti Monsen3

As a means of dealing with the Californian drought, dryfutures announced an international design competition –

We believe architects possess a remarkable set of tools and skills that uniquely establish the capacity to adapt to a problem that is both multifaceted and enormous. We are looking for the imaginative, the pragmatic, the idealist, and the dystopian.

competition brief


Dear Mr. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe,

On behalf of skywaterTM I am pleased to provide you with our strategic business plan and marketing material and extend to you an opportunity to invest in this venture.

SkywaterTM sees antifragile opportunity in Californias drought. Today California is facing its fourth year of serious drought. The National Drought Mitigation Center states that 46% of California’s territory is in exceptional drought condition, this is affecting 36,664,526 people, providing a large market and clientele for our venture. In response to Californias drought, skywaterTM has developed a cloud water harvesting technology © that will provide California with the water it so desperately requires.

the cycle – how it works

A balloon (harvester) with a large surface area will be filled with helium and launched into the atmosphere. The water in the air will condense onto the balloon and trickle into a central chamber. Once this chamber is filled, the total weight of the harvester exceeds the bearing capacity of the helium, resulting in the harvester naturally sinking into the water collection plant. Once the water is collected from the chamber, the harvester is relaunched to continue the water collection cycle. This system can be adjusted for extreme weather events, location, consumer needs and other varying factors simply by controlling the numbers of harvesters launched.

guaranteeing the venture – marketing strategy

The cost of water will increase exponentially when the current resources are exhausted. By encouraging consumers to continue their current habits, we can launch this business within the next year. Our enclosed marketing material aims at doing exactly this. In addition to this skywaterTM ensures the continuation of the drought through harvesting the clouds, so no rain will fall, guaranteeing the success of this venture.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions,

Yours Sincerely

Anniken Skrue

President and Managing Partner