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Through Architententions, the University’s Competition Society, I participated in Helsinki Urban Furniture Competition (HUFC). My group’s proposal, KAKSI, was exhibited in Helsinki during summer 2012. Click here for competition results

Two elements make KAKSI. In the new development of Hernesaari this bench also acts as a bike stand, ideal for this new transit area of Helsinki. This simple design uses only two materials; timber and concrete. Both are readily available in Finland. The nature of the materials, and the design, allows for the bench to be any desired length, making it adjustable for any location. A longer bench will provide more seating and bike-parking places. The bench will last for years due to the durability of the material; a marine graded cross laminated timber panel sits on heavy concrete elements. These elements will not only keep the bench in place, but provides a secure support for locked bikes. The bi-product from the CLT panels will be used as aggregate in the concrete. This makes the bench very sustainable.

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I worked with Anneli Kiviniemi, Paul Stewart and Christopher Smith on this project