crochet gardens

a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature

rochet concept model

location Fredericia, Denmark
area 27.000 m2
date 02.2015 – 06.2015, 8th semester AAA.
client Aarhus Architecture School
design team Kjersti Monsen

Botanical gardens are historically known as trophy cabinets of treasures acquired from travels. Due to the exoticness of the species and the distance they have travelled, a botanical garden is viewed as a world within a foreign context. Like entering the world of Narnia through the wardrobe, these exotic gardens reveal themselves as the visitor moves through the camouflaged structure. The immersive nature of the project welcomes the visitor on a journey to different parts of the world without having to leave Denmark. Each threshold presenting a new climatic zone. This accommodates for escapism – a relief from everyday life.

The project is located in a derelict ammonia plant on the edge of the city of Fredericia. The clear Euclidian form of the three existing silos provide the framework and foundation for the project. Each botanical wardrobe garden will be inserted into the massive concrete walls of the structure allowing for sufficient light for the plants.

Achieving the climatic environments required by the plants requires vast amounts of heat energy. This is acquired from the computer servers located within the dark void space found within the existing silo structures. This symbiotic relationship is requited by the botanical wardrobes providing protection for the servers. A blanket of moss further camouflages the structure.

C J Lim from the Bartlett, London, ran a kickstart workshop to develop our concepts. View this here

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view progress blog here